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Compassionate Representation When You Need It

Navigating any kind of legal challenge is difficult when you are looking for a swift resolution by yourself. Instead of risking an outcome that is less than you deserve, let a skilled Virginia attorney with more than a decade of experience guide you through your family law needs.

When you’re facing family law issues, you need an attorney who is not only highly experienced but also personally committed to your case. At my law firm, I blend over 12 years of family law practice with a personal dedication to your well-being. I help my clients overcome their family law needs through collaboration and litigation, and I am prepared to offer you the representation you need to look after your family.

A Personal Approach to Your Legal Needs

In my practice, I understand that behind every case is a unique story. That’s why I take the time to get to know you and your situation. I am a mother of two daughters with special needs, so I also understand the importance of protecting the needs and interests of children when they are involved in a case. I’ve completed master’s level psychology coursework on the effects of marital conflict on children and on child development. My goal is to work with you to find the best possible path forward for your family.

My experience in family law litigation and recent certification in collaborative law equip me to handle a variety of cases with skill and care. I am proud to offer my clients a balanced approach to resolving family disputes and other legal challenges while pursuing an outcome that reflects their best interests. In addition to collaborative and litigious divorce services, I also regularly assist with prenuptial agreements and other family law issues.

Part of what motivates me as a lawyer is my commitment to my community. I know how complex divorces can be when significant assets are involved, and I want to be the one who helps you secure the resources you and your family need to move forward. When clients throughout Fairfax County, Prince William County, Loudoun County, Arlington County and the City of Alexandria come to me for help, I am committed to making a positive difference in their lives.

Begin A New Chapter With Confidence

Choosing the right lawyer for your family law needs is one of the most important decisions you can make in these situations, which is why I welcome you to meet with me and learn more about how I can help you. Call me at 703-291-4540 or email me here to schedule your initial consultation with me today.