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Protecting Your Child’s Future Through Child Custody and Support

Custody disputes, whether the parents are married or going through a divorce, can be difficult for everyone involved, especially children. When you are trying navigate these issues, you want an attorney who is looking after not only your needs but also your children’s as well. When your lawyer is dedicated to understanding your unique needs, you can have peace of mind that someone is helping you achieve your goals in a way that benefits you and your children.

I am acutely aware of the emotional needs of children and am committed to ensuring that their voices are heard and their well-being is prioritized. I completed master’s coursework in psychology and specifically studied child development and the impacts of parental conflict on children, making my history and education uniquely qualified to help your family.

Child support is also an incredibly important element in many cases, especially given the expense of raising a child in Northern Virginia.  I can help you understand the calculation of support, as well as the limitations on what a party may get in court compared to settlement.

Understanding Your Child’s Emotional Needs

Children are sensitive to the changes in their family dynamics, which makes it so important that the outcome of your divorce reflects their needs as well as yours. I regularly interact and work with child psychologists to understand the most recent evidenced-based understanding of how we can mitigate the negative effects of parental separation in children’s lives. My experience allows me to speak to the emotional challenges that children undergo during a divorce, and I am able to develop a personalized strategy to help you support them through such a difficult life event.

Every child of a divorcing family has unique needs, and it is important to give those needs the special consideration they deserve. Whether your child has physical, learning or other disabilities or has an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or a 504 Plan, I take the time to make myself fluent with these needs to make sure I am representing them as well as I am representing you. My experience as a mother and a volunteer teacher for 7th graders through my local parish underscores my commitment to children’s welfare and education.

While a collaborative divorce is often a great method of resolving a custody dispute, as it allows parents to cooperate in deciding on the outcome for their family, I am prepared to represent you and your family through other alternative dispute resolution methods and/or through the Virginia litigation system if it is needed for your family.

Prioritize Your Child’s Well-Being

The decisions made during child custody and support cases will have a long-lasting impact on your child’s future. Let me be the one who works to help your children enter the next chapter of their lives with confidence and compassion. Call my office in Reston at 703-291-4540 or email me here to schedule your initial consultation today.