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How A Certified Collaborative Law Attorney Benefits You

In the midst of a divorce or contentious custody dispute, it can be hard to imagine coming together with your ex to agree on anything. In reality, collaborative law is an increasingly popular option for divorce for exactly that reason – by getting to the heart of disputes, parties can find a way to move on that fits their needs without dwelling on unnecessary tension and conflict. You – not the courts – get to be in charge of your life again.

Welcome to Nicole M. Burns, Attorney at Law. For over 12 years, I have worked with divorcing couples in all manner of disputes. As a certified collaborative law attorney with a background in litigation, I can support you as you come together to find divorce solutions that protect your needs and help all parties move forward with their lives. Call me today at my office: 703-291-4540.

Collaborative Divorce Is a Unique and Positive Resolution

Collaborative law in Virginia takes a very specific role in the legal world. By opting into a Collaborative resolution instead of traditional or adversarial divorce proceedings, you and your ex choose to work outside courtrooms. You sit down in a room with them and discuss all the options you have, frankly and honestly, in the presence of your Collaborative lawyers. From there, you come to agreements on crucial questions like:

  • What happens to our family home? If we need to sell, how can we do so peacefully and efficiently?
  • How will we manage our kids’ time? Is there a way for us to decide how to co-parent together that still respects our boundaries and our kids’ needs?
  • Is there a way to fairly divide our assets, retirement savings and other investments that protects their value?

Collaborative law requires specific certifications and alternative dispute resolution training. I draw on this as well as my extensive experience in litigation to navigate the complex emotions and logistics in each case.

To Explore Alternative Dispute Resolution Options, Reach Out Today

Collaborative Law is a great solution for many cases, though it is not a one size fits all. I am happy to sit down with you and discuss your needs, either in person or virtually. I represent clients across Northern Virginia, including in Fairfax, Prince William, Loudoun, Arlington and Alexandria. Email me today to set up a consultation and learn more about the Collaborative process and whether it is right for you and your family.