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Finding Your Path Through Divorce

Divorce is more than just the end of a marriage; it encompasses managing your shared assets, caring for your children and arranging support systems. Trying to represent yourself through these challenges in the name of keeping things civil can mean receiving an outcome that is less than you deserve. Many times, when individuals negotiate and sign agreements without legal advice, they don’t realize what rights they have waived until it is too late. Instead of settling for less in your divorce, let a skilled Virginia attorney help you through your divorce.

I am Nicole M. Burns, Attorney at Law, and as a lawyer who has been through the thick of family law for over 12 years, I understand these challenges intimately. As your legal representative, I can act on your behalf through every stage of your divorce, whether it needs to be resolved via litigation or collaboration.

Understanding The Types Of Divorce

In Virginia, divorces are categorized as either contested or uncontested. Even if both parties agree that they want a divorce, if they do not agree on the resolution of custody, support and property division, they will need to work through those contested issues until a settlement is reached or a judge hears the case in court.  Even when issues are contested at first, there are many avenues to settlement through collaboration, mediation, and negotiations.  The needs of each case determine which method of resolution may be right for that family. When settlement is possible, it is commonly less stressful than the alternative,  a contested hearing. In a contested divorce that cannot be resolved, both parties present their situations to a court, and a judge ultimately decides the final arrangements of the divorce. People who go through the litigation process without an attorney are often at a disadvantage because they do not know how to navigate the many court requirements in each jurisdiction.

One method to reach a resolution is through Collaborative Law. Through Collaborative Law, you can pursue an alternative dispute resolution method that grants you more control over how and when your divorce is resolved. Collaborative divorces do waive your attorney-client privileges, but that is because each spouse and their lawyers are all working together to reach a common goal. I am certified in Collaborative Law and can help you determine whether it is a good fit for your situation.

No matter what resolution method is necessary for your unique needs, I will stand by your side through every step of the process. I am also prepared to consult with experts like financial planners and child psychologists to ensure that I am defending your best interests throughout your divorce and/or custody issues.

My religious beliefs grant me a compassionate perspective while I offer my legal support. While my focus remains on providing inclusive and dedicated legal services to all of my clients, I also motivate myself with my emotional connections to these issues to pursue the ideal outcome in my clients’ situations.

Start Your Journey To A New Beginning

Divorce can be a challenging journey, but you don’t have to walk it alone. If you are ready to meet at my Reston office, by phone or virtually, to discuss your divorce and how I can help, contact me by calling 703-291-4540 or emailing me here. The sooner you take the first step, the sooner I can begin helping you.