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Crafting Prenuptial Agreements That Set You Up for Success

A new marriage is one of the most exciting moments in a couple’s life. It feels like your brightest moments are unrolling before you. As you move into this new phase of your life, you should do so with confidence that everything is on the table and that you have a plan in place.

With years of experience helping families at all moments of life, I have the wherewithal, fortitude and compassion to guide you. Speak with me about how a prenuptial agreement can help your marriage thrive and protect you in all circumstances.

More People Need a Prenup Than You May Think

While many people think of a prenuptial agreement as a tool only for the very wealthy, a prenuptial agreement benefits a wide range of couples. It allows you to address major financial and interpersonal issues well before any problems arise. A prenuptial agreement is a powerful tool for couples where:

  • One or both people have existing properties, investments and businesses
  • The couple has purchased real estate together prior to the marriage
  • Spouses have children from a previous relationship who they want to protect financially
  • The couple wants to create clear expectations around debts such as business debts, personal debts or student loan debts
  • One or both spouse expects to inherit money during the marriage
  • The parties anticipate employment changes that will benefit the marriage but may negatively impact a spouse’s long term earning potential

A marital agreement is both a failsafe and a preemptive safeguard. You and your new spouse can start your new life on the right foot, knowing that there are not financial secrets and that both of you are on the same page. Then, if something were to happen, you can feel safe knowing that there’s a roadmap to follow and a legal framework that protects you during a divorce and can expedite complicated property division proceedings.

Explore Your Options After Marriage Through a Post-Nuptial Agreement

It is very common to realize that you need a legal agreement for your marriage after you are already married. For couples who are in this situation, a post-nuptial agreement offers you and your spouse the opportunity to formally set out your expectations in a collaborative manner.

Post-nuptial Agreements are commonly used by couples who want to protect each other during major life changes.  For example, a spouse who is about to leave the workforce to be a stay at home parent may want to ensure that he or she will be protected with reasonable support if the marriage breaks down later.  The spouse remaining in the workforce will want to make sure that there are appropriate limits to spousal support, especially given its unpredictability in courts.

Post-nuptial Agreements can also be very useful for couples who are having marital difficulties.  By resolving your financial issues first, each spouse can focus on addressing issues in the marriage on equal footing, without feeling the need to protect their own separate interests at the expense of the marriage.

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