A Future You Can Be Excited For

Securing Your Financial Future Through Property Division

Property division during a divorce can be complex, affecting every aspect of your financial life. While it may seem like a nice gesture to leave lawyers out of this area of divorce, doing so can cost you the assets you need to move forward after a divorce. With the help of a skilled Virginia lawyer, you can keep your fair share after your divorce.

I am committed to helping clients throughout Northern Virginia with their family law needs. As your attorney, I am equipped to handle the intricacies of dividing assets and debts, ensuring that you receive a fair and equitable resolution. With my background in both family law and psychology, I understand the emotional and financial challenges you may face and am prepared to navigate them with you.

Exploring Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods, such as collaborative law or mediation, can be highly effective in property division and divorce cases. I am certified in collaborative law because I believe in the value it offers my clients in resolving their divorce on their terms and according to their schedule. I can help you explore your ADR options and how they can minimize the conflicts and complications of asset division.

What Is On The Chopping Block?

Property division is not as simple as choosing who gets to keep what; it is about making major decisions about your home, pensions, retirement accounts and family businesses that can impact your future. Sometimes, that may include determining whether specific property is even eligible for division based on one or the other spouse’s pre-marital and/or post-separation interests. I can help you through the process of deciding if you want to keep or part with any of these or other assets, find an accurate valuation of major assets and even consult with financial experts to develop a personalized plan for your future.

Help For Military Spouses

I also understand that divorces involving military members can create unique circumstances that require creative solutions, especially regarding military benefits and pensions. I come from a military family and recognize the commitment of both the servicemember and his/her spouse when assessing the fair and equitable division of any retirement assets. My years of experience in these matters allow me to address these issues directly and effectively.

While similar to military retirement assets, there are sometimes different considerations for the division of government or private pensions, Thrift Savings Plans, Virginia Retirement System plans, and all other retirement plans.  I have handled hundreds of cases involving the division of retirement assets and am well versed in the nuanced rules for dividing these assets.

Protect Your Investments And Assets

When you are trying to keep your fair share and look out for your family’s future in your divorce, make sure you have someone on your side you can depend on through every step of your property division or other divorce matters. Call me at 703-291-4540 or email me here to schedule your initial consultation today to begin developing your path through your divorce.