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The challenges of co-parenting

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2024 | Child Custody

Going from raising your children under one roof to two homes can be challenging, particularly in the beginning. You and the other parent may have disagreements about your new parenting route.

Below are three common challenges you may face:

Communication issues

Before going through a divorce, you and your ex-spouse may have had few fights regarding communication about child-related matters. But this may change when you are co-parenting. Since you no longer see each other at home, you may find yourselves making decisions without each other’s input or may forget to update each other on serious matters. Accordingly, conflicts may arise.

Having a communication schedule can help solve this issue. For example, you and your co-parent may set aside a particular evening to meet or communicate via phone, text or email. It may also help to set reminders if you need to update them on anything. 

Technology can also help you attain effective communication, as some shared platforms will allow you to set reminders for appointments and send texts.

Unresolved issues from the divorce 

If you went through a high-conflict divorce, you may encounter challenges during co-parenting. You and your co-parent may be uncomfortable communicating with each other, which can lead to communication issues.

Therapy after divorce and having a detailed parenting plan can help curb this challenge.

Changes in schedules

Co-parents changing schedules leads to many disputes. You may not be calm when your co-parent informs you they will be unable to take the kids at the last minute or when they change the kids’ schedule, perhaps they want to take them to a concert on a school night.

You and your co-parent agreeing on how and when to request schedule changes can be beneficial.

If you and your co-parent are going through difficulty, legal guidance can help you create a comfortable environment for your children.